our vision

our vision

Our Vision

ENOSAD is a technology platform established under the leadership of companies operating in the fields of industrial automation and process control. Since automation is a multi-disciplinary field with a connection point between multiple fields, it was established with the desire to unite the experiences of automation companies.  

The main principles of our association are briefly:

  • To strengthen communication and solidarity between companies and individuals with automation formation,
  • Conducting various studies on automation, advanced automation technologies, digital transformation in industry, robotics and process control, providing documentation and information
  • To establish service and working standards within the sector,
  • Sharing knowledge and experience, and disseminating in-sector training,
  • To follow and contribute to scientific and technical developments,
  • To act as a bridge between universities and public institutions and the sector,
  • Representing the sector before public and civil organizations,
  • To work on opening the sector to foreign markets,
  • To coordinate with similar foreign associations,

It can be summarized as increasing the international competitiveness of the sector.

With its four main fields of activity as Digital Transformation in Industry, Robotics, Factory Automation, Process Automation and pre-competitive collaborations in which it is a pioneer, ENOSAD has a privileged position that provides medium - high technology services to all sectors of the industry with its very valuable advanced engineering added value for our country with limited resources.  

ENOSAD aims to be an actor that produces advanced technology and engineering projects in Turkey and the surrounding geography.

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