IFR Basın Açıklaması

IFR Basın Açıklaması

Today IFR published the following press release on the occasion of the upcoming Automate show: 

U.S. Companies Invest Heavily in Robots - IFR Preliminary Results

Robot installations by manufacturing companies up 12%

Chicago, Apr 30, 2024 Manufacturing companies in the United States have invested heavily in more automation: total installations of industrial robots rose by 12% and reached 44,303 units in 2023. Number one adopter is the car industry followed by the electrical and electronics sector. These are preliminary results, presented by IFR. 

Automate show Chicago, 6-9 May 2024

Next Monday the Automate show will start in Chicago. The IFR team will be there with some activities and booth. The Executive Roundtable takes place on May 8, 2024. Don't miss the Engelberger Awards dinner where our past President Joe Gemma will be honoured with this prestigious award. Please find the details on IFR webpage


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